About Us

What's in a name?

I live on Broadway street in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. The "Broadway Hill", as it is known, is a 400 foot glacial moraine. Near the top of the hill is Cedar Bend road and Cedar Bend park. The park overlooks the city, and the road lends a feeling of being in the woods. It feels very peaceful there, and all of the wildlife, from the deer to the birds, feel safe and relaxed. So Cedar Bend is more than the name of a road or a park or a company. Cedar Bend is a state of mind.


Company Profile

Cedar Bend Consulting is a sole proprietorship founded in 2006 by James A. Ringold, MSI. Mr. Ringold received a Master of Science in Information degree from the University of Michigan's School in Information in 1997. James Ringold was then employed by the University of Michigan as a Systems Administrator and Web Software Developer where he worked on a number of pioneering Internet projects. He was the primary systems administrator and senior web software developer for the first database-driven applications for several UM departments, including the School of Information, the Psychology department and the Communications departments. In 2006 James Ringold formed his own web and software development company which facilitates all aspects of web presence. Specializations include database-driven web sites, academic and business applications and customized web software. The systems administration is now handled by reliable commercial hosts, which now offer the web hosting environments that were pioneered at Universities.

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